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Focusing on
data domain

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years of Focusing on Data Domain

Starting from 2012-2019 and still looking forward to the future.
Focusing on data domain, to solve the ploblems of data warehouse
construction and date governance for enterprises.

Massive Data Storage Based on
Open Source

Using NoSQL Data Storage such as Hadoop/Hive .
Don"t have to be gorgeous but good to use.

Flexible Data Processing
Open Source
Kettle and Auphi Cloud Data Processing Platform .
Not necessarily IOE, Domestic and Open Source also will do.
Data Presentation and Analysation
Using Pentaho or Customized Data Analysis platform.
We are more used to Customized Data Presentation Platform.
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  • Data Integration

    Data Integration (ETL) is a part of the process to build a data warehouse for enterprise. The ETL process can extract data from all the business systems, clean and load them into data warehouse. We help enterprises to build their data warehouses that based on Hadoop, Hive, HBase or Spark easily by using Auphi Data Integration Platform software.

  • Data Hub

    Data hub focuses on data exchange and sharing, which is also called data exchange platform. We are using Auphi Data Integration Platform software to help enterprises to build data exchange platforms, create data access interfaces, allow data flow within the enterprise.

  • Data Governance

    Data governance is a process for enterprises to improve their data quality. By using Auphi Data Integration Platform software, we help enterprises to evaluate the data quality of various business systems, establish rules of data cleaning and complete it. We can help enterprises to build master data model, manage master data, and complete the unification of the master data from different business systems.

  • Data Masking

    Data masking is the process of hiding original data with modified content during data exchange. We use static masking and various masking methods to help enterprises to build data obfuscated database, keep business database and data obfuscated database synchronized, and achieve real-time sharing of masked data on the premise of ensuring data security.

  • Data Analytics

    Data analysis is the process for business staff to analyze data. We can help enterprises to build data analysis platforms and provide report, dashboard, online analytical processing(OLAP) and other analysis methods. We can also provide analysis services such as user portraits, user clustering, business fraud, customer churn early warning analysis and so on.

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  • Independent Innovation
             Base on Open Source

    Download Auphi Data Integration Platform V3.4 Auphi Cloud Data Integration Platform online demo
  • 兼容微软IE浏览器
  • 兼容谷歌Chrome浏览器
  • 兼容火狐Firefox浏览器
  • 兼容苹果Safari浏览器
  • Compatible with all kinds of mainstream browsers
    Web-based design operation
    Web-based monitoring and dispatching

  • 手机
  • 平板
  • PC
  • Drag-and-drop operation design, simple and easy to use
    Support the secondary development of plug-ins, convenient and flexible
    Multi-threaded concurrent execution, fast and efficient
    Supporting NoSQL data sources such as Hadoop, MongoDB

  • 支持windows系统
  • 支持Mac系统
  • 支持Linux系统
  • Data Management Platform Based on B/S framework
    Java development, Cross-platform applications developed using Java
    Support 32 bit and 64 bit Windows/Linux/Mac

  • Enterprise Training Service

    enterprise technical training

  • Personal Training Service

    Kettle personal training
    Sign up at Dataguru Forum

  • Technical Consultation Service

    Provide technical consultation service of building
    Data Warehouse for enterprise

  • Re-development services

    Provide customized development services for enterprise
    to building Data Warehouse

  • On-site implementation services

    Providing on-site implementation services of
    building Data Warehouse or enterprise

  • Community Forum

    Technology exchange
    Pentaho China community

  • Accumulate Richly and Break Forth Vastly

    Climbing the summit is not for the sake of enjoying the scenery, but for the sake of finding higher peaks.
    Sunrise in the East, farewell to yesterday's glory and shine farther away.
    Along the way, we are more concerned about how to accumulate and precipitate.

    Next second, let's see how strong we are.
    Auphi Intelli

    Founded in 2011, the company is located in Haidian District, Beijing. Since its inception, the company has been positioned as a provider of data-based software products and technical services. Our team have many years of project experience and technical accumulation in the field of data. The company's main product is Auphi Data Integration Platform, which is an ETL platform developed on the basis of open source software. Users can build their data warehouses and complete data management work by using it. The software has been applied in many industries, such as e-commerce, telecommunications, government, real estate, finance, health care and so on. In addition to providing software products, we also help industry users to build Hadoop data storage platform, data presentation and data analysis platform, help to collect and analyze business data, and discover the value of data. We provide one-stop services for data storage, data integration, data governance, data presentation and analysis.

    We always willing to explore open source technology base on customer requirements, provide targeted and low-cost bigdata solutions for enterprises. We will continue to go beyond ourselves and challenge the dangerous peak!

    Let go of honor and look forward to the future
  • 2012-The company was established with a registered capital of 30,000RMB. In the same year, we provided technical support services for the ODS project of the revenue management system of China Unicom Systems Integration Company. Also research and development "Auphi Data Integration Platform" software to obtain software copyright and software product certificate in this year.
  • 2013-The company increased its capital to one million RMB, and we started to enter into the fields of mobile and public security. The company provides software products and technical support services for Shantou Mobile and Changzhou Public Security Bureau.
  • 2014-The company has become a partner of Lenovo (Beijing) Co. Ltd. , to provide ETL software products and technical support services for Lenovo e-commerce warehouse project.
  • 2015-Our company has become a partner of Huawei, Shinva Medical, Longhu Real Estate, Shanghai Ideal and other companies. The company products have begun to enter into the government, education, medical, real estate, telecommunications and other fields.
  • 2016-We are still moving forward....
  • Join us for common development

    Since its inception, Auphi Intelligence has aspired to become a provider of basic software products and services in the field of data. Our founding team financed themselves and developed the "Auphi Data Integration Platform", a big data-based software platform product, which developed on the basis of open source software. It has been successfully applied to many industries, such as government, education, medical, real estate, telecommunications and finance. And now, Auphi Data Integration Platform has dozens of successful cases in China. The products can replace similar foreign commercial software to the certain extent, which greatly reduces the cost of data warehouse and data center projects for enterprises. With the popularity of big data applications in various industries, our products have a vast market. We invite investors who are interested in the data-based software industry to cooperate with us to seize the current wave of big data development, develop together and move forward hand in hand!

    Based on open source
    Independent innovation
    Customized development
    Local service

    Address: JinTaiFuDi Building #405, AnNingZhuang West Road, Haidian District, Beijing

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